Francis Mylett (1922 – 2006) Josephville

Francie began campdrafting in the 1940’s and despite not having the time to attend as many drafts as he may have liked, he enjoyed success winning and placing in many drafts.  Francie enjoyed breaking and training his horses. Always appreciating a good stock horse and making sure they were well cared for.


Francie’s love of the sport also had its disappointments.  With horse “Robin” breaking his leg at Ilbogan in the early 1960’s.    History repeated itself in the final of the 1974 Gold Cup at Dalby, with Francie’s favored horse “Golden Ace” breaking his leg.  Disheartened Francie vowed he would never draft again.

Eventually the campdrafting friendships and Stock Horses he valued so much, drew him back to the sport.  Francie won at his final outing riding “Raylene” in the 2005 Rathdowney heritage demonstration draft. Not bad for 83 years of age!

Francie was supported by his wife Rita (nee Cahill).

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