The Memorial Grounds over the years have been the home grounds for quite a number of sporting clubs most of which are now not operating. However, the recently reformed Pony Club hold their rally days and schools there and the Soccer Club train and play on the main oval.


Mr Les Robson an officer at the Correctional Centre had in his younger years indulged in the gentlemanly art of self-defence.   He along with some of the parents in the area started a boxing club that successfully trained a number of young men and boys.   An out- door ring was erected and several tournaments were held.   Members of the club  participated in tournaments in Kyogle, Beaudesert, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Basketball and Netball

In the late 1950’s a then called basketball team was formed.   The girls trained on the Memorial Grounds oval and played in a few carnivals in Kyogle and Beaudesert.  Several years later a group of young ladies from Rathdowney reformed the club and a competition was started.  The girls won the premiership game at Boonah in 1969.

Rathdowney Axemen

Axemen and Sawyers

Wood chopping and sawing is always a popular spectator sport and once again a small group of enthusiasts formed a club. Their club house was under the old Innis Plain School Building. The Axemen & Sawyers for several years drew a great crowd of spectators when they held a competition as part of the Rathdowney Heritage Festival and also at the Beaudesert Show.

Rathdowney soccer clubs


For a number of years Rathdowney has fielded soccer teams that compete in a Brisbane competition. At the beginning of the 2017 season their teams are being put together and the Memorial grounds Committee wish them every success over the coming months. The Soccer Club uses the grounds free of charge but have always maintained the oval grass and lighting in lieu of payment. Go to the Rathdowney Soccer Club Facebook page to see what they are up to.

The soccer contact is Hans Masen – phone 07 55441195

Rathdowney Rugby League

Rugby League

Football, originally Rugby Union has been played since the early 1900’s. It was only in the 1920’s that Rugby League took over. Players would travel on horseback to and from games. In the 1950’s The Rathdowney Club won several Premierships and in 1969 they fielded an A Grade and Reserve Grade Team as well as 3 Junior teams. That year the club took home 4 premiership trophies.   Unfortunately those junior players did not continue with Rugby League. The club continued to operate for several years but as soccer was introduced into school the interest died.

Rathdowney Pony Club

Pony Club

Unfortunately the very active and successful Pony Club that flourished during the 1960’s and 70’s folded when that generation of young riders moved on. However, with renewed interest in horses and camp-drafting throughout the district the club has been reformed.

An enthusiastic group meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at the drafting oval. The club has several accredited instructors. The Club has just kicked off its 2017 year. Held its Annual meeting and had two Rally Days. At their next rally day a dentist will be on hand to give the horses a mouth check and they are planning a refresher drafting school with Nicholas Ward.

PRESIDENT: Michelle Reagan
ADMINISTRATION: Alannah Hardgrave 
TREASURER: Sarah Parks.

Rathdonwey Bowls Clubs


The Rathdowney Sub-Branch of the RSL that had been formed in 1940 built a clubhouse beside the Information Centre. From this the idea of a Bowls Club was formed and with a tremendous amount of help from the Correctional Centre the bowling green was constructed. The club has a very enthusiastic, hard working and welcoming membership. Bowls are played three to four times each week and members often travel to other clubs on social days and for competitions. Visiting caravan clubs often take advantage of the scroungers games that are played on Saturday mornings and are most welcome to play bare foot bowls.


Rathdowney had a beautiful turf wicket in the Memorial Grounds oval.   It was tended with loving care, rolled and watered and kept in tiptop condition. It was undoubtedly the finest pitch in the district. Rathdowney fielded teams for many years and won several premierships but like many other sports when that generation players retired there were no others to take their place so the club closed down.


The Tennis Club closed several years ago however, there are still some families who regularly use the courts on Friday nights. The courts that are situated behind the Bowls Club and are available for use by visitors.


Tennis History Rathdowney