Rathdowney Pony Club Campdraft School 2015

Rathdowney and District Pony Club were very pleased to host the Campdraft training weekend.  Instructors Nicholas Ward and John Adams did an awesome job with the children more encouraged than ever to pursue this as a sport.  We had a total of 24 riders with varying levels of experience which Nicholas catered for extremely well.  The weekend was proudly sponsored by Qld Country Credit Union.  The Rathdowney Memorial Grounds once again were a great help with the use of the grounds and equipment all at our disposal.  The weekend started out with Jane Bell doing the gear checks and President Colleen Buckley doing her safety and orientation talk.  The riders were split into two groups according to ability and rotated through the course with the instructors teaching the skills and disciplines of the Campdrafting techniques.  With use of a mechanical cow practicing the precision of their stopping and turning which then helped them move onto the real thing with cows supplied by local farmers.  The Saturday night was topped off with the kids and some adults playing round robin and football in the arena and stories around campfires.  Day two was spent cutting out and riding the course with cows.  The day finished with some very tired yet excited riders and horses that just wanted to be rugged fed and rested. 

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