Trophies & Memorabilia

Tony Ward Memorial Maiden Draft  Tony Ward provided calves for the Poddy Ride at the first Bushmen’s Carnival. The Ward Family continues to support the annual camp draft both as volunteers and competing.

Max Robinson Memorial Novice Draft The Max Robinson Family was involved with the Memorial Grounds and camp-drafting from the very beginning and were founding members of the original Pony Club. Max Robinson drafted at the first draft run by the Memorial Grounds. He was heavily involved in camp drafting and pony club and a supporter of the Memorial Grounds. 

John Drynan Memorial Open Draft Struck in memory of John Drynan who died in New Guinea in WW ll. Mr John (Jack) Drynan the father of John Drynan raised this trophy in his son’s memory. John Jnr lost his life during the conflict in New Guinea in WWll. His Brother Ray has been Patron of the Rathdowney Memorial Grounds for some years.

Maurice & Florence Jackson Memorial Junior Draft Maurice Jackson supplied cattle for the first campdraft. He and his family have continued to be supporters of the Grounds and camp draft since then. The Jacksons supplied cattle for the 1st camp draft in Rathdowney. They walked the cattle from their property at Knapps Creek but had to hold them at Tamrookum as the draft was postponed for 2 weeks because of bad weather. The Jackson family continue to support the campdraft.

Col McIntyre & Francis Mylett Open Open Memorial Draft Colin McIntyre’s father designed the Memorial Gate. Colin was a keen drafter and competed successfully at many drafts. He served as a councillor on the Beaudesert Shire Council and in that capacity was a great help to ‘The Grounds’. Francis Mylett drafted in the first Bushman’s Carnival. He had beautiful horses and competed for many years at Rathdowney.

Gary Overton Highest Aggregate Trophy Gary came to the Rathdowney district as a young lad. He competed in the ring as well as working as a member of the committee. After an illness that left him disabled taking care of the grounds became his passion and for many years he manned the gate to the drafting ring for the competitors.

Jim Salisbury Highest Scorer from the Scenic Rim Trophy Jim was another of Rathdowney’s original drafters and he and the Robinson brothers (Max and Alec) worked on the face of the camp for many years. Jim always had cattle available for the draft and when he started a cattle carrying business he and his drivers worked for the cost of the fuel only.

Max Tilley Memorial Novice Trophy (September Draft) Max served as both President and Secretary of the Memorial Grounds Committee.  He was also a local councillor and served as Chairman.  Max  always made his paddock that adjoins the Grounds available to be used as a warm-up area and his wife continues to do so.

The Hollow Battle of the Sexes Trophy This trophy kindly donated by the management of ‘The Hollow Station’ of Bromelton.



Rathdowney Camp Drafts

50 Years of Campdrafting in RathdowneyImagine this – the year is 1951 and a group of young men on horseback are riding back from Boonah after competing in what was probably their first day of camp-drafting. On the long ride home they no doubt relived the exhilarating day and decided that Boonah should not have all the fun and that Rathdowney should have some too. No doubt Jim Salisbury, Colin McIntyre, Alex and Max Robinson and Drew Drynan all went home and put the question to their respective fathers. And so the seed was sown! 

After many working bees a set of cattle yards was erected and the first ‘Bushman’s Carnival’ was scheduled for June 1952. However, it was postponed because of wet weather. June was chosen as the cricket season would be finished by then and it would give time for the turf wicket to be repaired before the next season began. The football team however, had to contend with the uneven ground and manure for their training nights and home games.

The Latest Camp Draft Update

Despite the dry conditions of the previous months another successful camp-draft was held over the weekend of 13th/14th of April 2019. Many thanks to cattle donors, sponsors,workers in the yards, canteen, and bar. Also MRJ Enterprises who brought their machinery in to clean-up and top dress the main oval. Hot meals were a hit on Saturday night as was the musical entertainment provided by Susie Reiser. Garth Weatherall auctioned the horses for the Calcutta and Lyn Richter did the tote – Great job.We look forward to another successful draft in 2020.

The First ‘Bushman’s Carnival’    

For several years the event was called ‘A Bushman’s Carnival’ and as well as some drafting there was rough riding, bullock riding and poddy riding.

June 1952 -  Maurice Jackson supplied 100 head for the Open Draft (2 rounds and a final).   The cattle were walked from Knapps Creek but had to be spelled at Robinsons at Tamrookum for a fortnight as the competition was postponed because of the wet weather.  Alex Robinson Snr, Alex Jnr and Max Robinson, James and George Salisbury, Jim Drynan, Pat Moloney, Jim and Harley Robinson all generously gave cattle and were helped with the mustering by Colin McIntrye, Brian Drynan, Wally Walker and Felix Ward.   Tony Ward gave calves for the poddy ride.  Max and Alex Robinson gave horses for the buckjumping.   One of these was later used on the face of the camp.  The Robinson men were well known for their ability as pick-up men and were quite a drawcard.   Saddles and gear was borrowed from the Woodenbong Rodeo Committee and surcingles for the bullock rides were borrowed from Beaudesert.   Herbie Heit of Beaudesert was the judge for the rough riding.   As there was no water at the yards the cattle had to be walked to the Logan River to be watered.

Within a few years The Bushman’s Carnival took on a carnival atmosphere as Knock’ems, a merry-go-round (Bill Young had these), an Ambulance Wheel and a fairy floss machine were introduced (Jim Salisbury, Tom Brett, Max Robinson and Graham Duncan invested in this).  The ladies in the tramway building attended to the inner person with cups of tea, sandwiches, hamburgers and home made cakes.  A guess the weight of the heifer was held with the animal being donated by Ray Drynan’s father Jack and Ray continued with this donation for several years.  These were great family days.

In 1980 the Shire Council acquired more land and a separate oval for camp-drafting was built and chutes for rodeos were added.  Lighting was also installed so that night programs could be held.   For many years on the afternoon of Australia Day week-end a very successful rodeo was held with organizers looking to the sky praying that the approaching storms would head off toward the coast.   It did not always oblige.

Rathdowney Camp Draft Action

Rathdowney Campdraft

Jubilee Draft

In 2002 a Jubilee Draft was held with several men who had competed in the draft in 1952 being able to attend.  Some of them were on horseback. Jim Salisbury, Des Jackson, Felix Ward, Eddie Ashton, Ray Drynan, Brian Drynan, Colin McIntyre and John Markwell were there along with Liam Moloney who would have been about 12 years old then and competed in the Poddy Ride.   Each gentleman was presented with an engraved crystal water tumbler as a memento of the occasion.

By 2012 more improvements had been made.   Thanks to a scrap metal drive the old wooden sporting oval fence had been replaced with a steel one and with financial help from local businesses and families who purchased a fence panel the drafting oval was replaced with a steel one.   The loading ramp and back yards have also been replaced.   The committee is very grateful for the help and support of the Correctional Centre has always given for these projects.   The Correctional Centre continues to mow the grounds fortnightly.

In 2015 as well as the annual 2 day draft a first Team Penning Day was held in September.   In 2016 the April camp-draft was held and the team penning day in September became a two day event.  One day of drafting and the second was team penning.   In this year, 2017, the committee is expecting to have a busy year.   The refurbishment of the main ablution block is underway, and on the 26th of March there is to be a Back to Rathdowney Day.  The 21st,22nd and 23rd of April will be the annual camp-draft – 3 days this year and  a team penning/camp-draft weekend in August and JPRodeo have booked a rodeo on the 7th of October.

Rathdowney Camp Draft Action

Rathdowney Campdraft

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